Multi-Engine Flying Requirements for Pilot Training in Central Oklahoma

Admission to the professional pilot option in Central Oklahoma is only available for the fall semester and requires an application for secondary admission. A minimum grade of C is required in aviation courses that count towards the specialization. These courses include in-person classes and 26% flight instruction, with an additional flight fee applicable. The aim of the program is to provide students with the knowledge, skills and aeronautical experience necessary to meet the requirements to obtain an air transport pilot certificate (multi-engine aircraft), as prescribed in Appendix E of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR).The sequence and content of the lessons have been designed to prepare applicants to teach all the private pilot maneuvers and knowledge requirements, as well as more complex aerial maneuvers required of a professional pilot with a commercial license.

The goal of the professional pilot degree program is to prepare students for employment in the commercial airline industry. Most flight training at OSU is conducted under Part 141, although some of the training may be conducted under Part 61, depending on the student's needs. If you already have a private pilot certificate from the FAA, you will begin your commercial flight training in Southeast in the spring semester with Commercial 1.The following spring, when other students enroll in AVIA 3284 Instrument Ground and AVIA 3321 Instrument Flying, you will enroll in AVIA 3362 Flight Instructor Ground and AVIA 3401 Flight Instructor Flying. Online training materials are provided to align directly with individual flight and ground training with a professional instructor. Applicants must have a commercial pilot certificate or an air transport pilot certificate, with an aircraft category, class and instrument classification appropriate to the category and class of aircraft to which the course applies. If you already have a commercial certificate with an instrument qualification, you will begin your flight training at Southeastern in the fall semester with AVIA 3152 Fundamentals of Flight Instruction, AVIA 3202 Flight Instructor Ground School and AVIA 3241 Flight Instructor Flying.

In addition, the Professional Pilot degree requires that at least the last two flight courses, including corresponding ground courses, be taken in residence. Only professional pilot students can take flight laboratory courses to obtain a pilot's license at OSU. In general, the first class is designed for air transport pilots, the second class is designed for commercial pilots and the third class is designed for students, recreational pilots or private pilots.

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